ImaVista provides different Photo Editing Services. Here is a selection of our services. You can also combine our services.


Beauty Retouching



We can retouch your images(photos) to give beautiful glamorous look and fine skin .We provide complete retouching services for beauty campaigns . view our examples[1] [2] [3]

Fashion Retouching



We retouch your images(photos) to give beautiful glamorous look and fine skin for fashion campaigns to promote the products.

Add Text



We can add all kinds of texts into your picture, you can think of a promotion for your product to place on your website. And what about a personal text for the one you love on your holiday picture? We can add different styles, fonts and colors.

Red eye repair



With this service we can fix your favorite pictures by repairing the red eyes. You had a great party and everyone is one the pictures with red eyes? No problem ImaVista can fix it for you.

Date Removal


There is this great picture that needs to be placed in the newspaper but there is a red date on it. ImaVista can remove the date for you and you'll never see where it was before.

Image Isolation



This is a possibility to take a person or an article out of a group or background. We can place the subject on a different background, like a city or mountain background, or just a plain background.

Digital hand coloring



This service works perfect on (old) black and white pictures. But also we can change the color of hair and eyes in a picture. Think of color gradients over you picture.

Pop Art



Always admired the Andy Warhol pictures of Marilyn Monroe? Your pictures can become a Pop Art too.

Black and White



We can make your color pictures into beautiful Black and White pictures. But you can also think of sepia toning or color toning.

Panorama making



You have lots of pictures of the great sunset on the beach last summer? We can make it a Panorama view for you. And what about that image that was split because it didn't fit in one photo? We'll make it into one for you.

Color Correction



A great photo only it's to pale? Your photo is to dark? We will bring the brightness back into your pictures.

File Conversion


If you want any .jpg or .gif iamge to be converted in to Adobe Illustrator File .ai , you can upload your image and download it as a '' quickly.


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Everyone has them, pictures of your childhood, but they are washed-out and became yellow. Or what about the pictures of your grandparents wedding which are damaged, they can be fixed.

Photo manipulation


Please visit portfolio to see before/After images !


Every one want to be beautiful/handsome nowdays, but some them are naturally. Others don't have to be worry about this.We provide digital solution for you.Hoocked Nose,Thick or Small Lips,Pinched Chicks, Moles or Scars are the common things that affects the beauty.We had tried out with few examples digitally. Mole/Scar ,Body Shaping [1] [2],Adding Tattoos,Nose and Lips

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