This is the part of our site, where you can upload your pictures.

Your wishes

In the menu Additional Information can be given, a description of what you would like your pictures to be, you can even upload an example of a picture to show us your wishes. Please name that picture example before uploading.

After uploading

After uploading you will receive an email from ImaVista, confirming your upload. In this email we will let you know what our possibilities for your picture(s) are and what will it cost to work out your picture(s). You would need to reply to this email and approve, for the processing to start on your picture(s).

Attention please: if we don't get your reply, we won't be able to work on your assignment.

As soon as we have finished the job, we will send you an email with the picture in it.


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 Black & White
 Digital hand coloring
 Mask/Blend images
 Red eye remove
 Posterise/Pop Art
 Tonal Adjustment
 Sharpen & noise reduction
 Make Panorama
 Add Text
 Remove Date

Additional information

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